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Job Details

Guest Relations Officer for Azamara
  • Job ID: 14694
  • Rank: Receptionist
  • Employment Type: Permanent
  • Joining Date: Oct 31, 2023
  • Type of Vessel: Passenger Ship
  • Engine Details: Wartsila 12V-32
  • DWT / GRT: .

Position Description:


The focal point of The Guest Relations Officer’s (GRO) role revolves around ensuring total guest
satisfaction through personalized service and memorable experiences and utilizing the AMAZE
standards consistently.

  • Fluency in Spanish and or Portuguese/Italian languages is required

The GRO will achieve this by embodying exemplary problem resolution skills, keen listening
skills, strong communication and organizational skills and genuine social skills. By taking the
initiative, being proactive in identifying solutions, and following up in a timely manner, the GRO
will successfully resolve all guest challenges and concerns.
The GRO must possess effective decision-making abilities, while maintaining the utmost level of
professionalism with respect to appearance and demeanor at all times. The GRO will consistently
maintain the departmental and company integrity by accepting ownership for all service recovery
initiatives and interactions.

All duties and responsibilities are to be performed in accordance with the Company's Safety,
Quality and Environmental standards. In accordance with the Company's Service and Etiquette
Philosophy program, each employee shall conduct oneself in a professional and courteous
Job Description Manual Hotel Operations - Azamara - 4.04 (Revision 21 - 03/26/2021)
manner at all times. This consists of physical and verbal interactions with guests or fellow
shipboard employees, in the presence of guests or in crewmember areas.
Provides all services of the Guest Relations Desk; including, but not limited 1. to: lost luggage,
stateroom changes, lost and found service, printing and issuing guest cruise cards
2. Answers inquiries pertaining to Guest Relations services and general information.
3. Responds to guest concerns in a considerate, professional and positive manner by showing
empathy and listening actively.
4. Takes ownership of guest concerns, by following-up and ensuring complaints are resolved to
the guest’s satisfaction.
5. Maintains Guest Relations Resolution Log.
6. The GRO will be accountable for all service recovery challenges communicated by guests
and fielded to teh relevant departments. A follow-up call will be made immediately to
ensure that total satisfaction is achieved. The GRO be responsible for logging the service
failure in the Logbook and keeping the GRM informed.
7. Calls personnel upon request and follows up to ensure requested issues are resolved.
8. Operates phones to answer questions and take a variety of requests (wake-up call
requests/dinner reservation requests, etc)
9. Providing guests and crew with information, handles special requests and forwards repair
requests to the appropriate department.
10. Maintains knowledge of all ship’s regular events and special functions by reviewing all
available sources (vessel’s Daily Program, etc) in order to provide guests with accurate
information to answer questions and handle special requests.
11. Registers guests for a variety of functions and/or services such as bridge, galley & engine
room tours.
12. Assist with the disembarkation procedure and information requests. Coordinates
arrangements with the ground handler/port agent under the guidance of the GRM.
13. Assembles brochures, reports etc. for the Guest Relations Operation
14. Assists with the electronic maintenance log book for public areas & guest staterooms
15. Continually updates the GRM with all pending problems/issues
16. All records and reports received onboard the vessel are Company property and shall be
considered confidential. The GRO on duty receiving such documents should not discuss these
documents with anyone outside the Company or with any other crewmember.
17. The GRO will maintain strict confidentiality with records, reports, information and incoming
telephone calls received while on duty as well as any outgoing telephone calls placed for
18. Responsible to expedite incoming and outgoing guests faxes.
19. Ensures all deliveries brought to Guest Relations by various departments are delivered to
respective person in a timely manner.
20. Responsible to assist with the preparation and implementation of the guests’ key cards in the
Keycard holder.
21. Maintains telecommunications area and materials in an organized and orderly manner.
Ensures equipment is operational. Reports and tracks maintenance issues.
22. Assists the Financial Controller with exchanging foreign currency, travelers´ checks, and
collection of payment on guest accounts. Understands how to use the Bank of America
Currency Exchange program.
23. Performs Bank duties on a regular basis.
24. Responsible for the “Bank” cash float and balancing of the float on a daily basis.
25. Understands the Safety & Quality Management Program, and his/her responsibilities in the
Safety Organization according to the Emergency plan and Station Bill. Must be available,
Job Description Manual Hotel Operations - Azamara - 4.04 (Revision 21 - 03/26/2021)
capable and ready to act in the event of an emergency.
Is aware of, and/or acquires the necessary knowledge to comply with the 26. ship’s standard
operation, in order to assist guests and crewmembers with inquiries.
27. Attends meetings, training activities, courses and all other work-related activities as required.
28. Performs related duties as required. This position description in no way states or implies that
these are the only duties to be performed by the shipboard employee occupying this position.
Shipboard employees will be required to perform any other job-related duties assigned by
their supervisor or management.
29. GRO's should have a sound knowledge of local port information according to the itinerary (
also to cross promote tours that can be sold from the desk )
30. Able to sell confidently any amenities or packages available onboard for purchase
31. Able to make announcements over the Public Address system if required.
32. GRO's to have the empowerment to provide a credit of up to $100.00 for guest service
recovery issues that need immediate attention
33. Understands and knows how to assist guests with disabilities ( Disability Act )
34. Aware and understand the importance of the The Cruise Vessel Security & Safety Act of
2010 (CVSSA) and ensures the 'Security Guide' is placed at the front desk at all times.
35. Fully understands the procedures when guests or crew report Medical, Guest Conduct Policy
Violations, or Missing guests’ issues.
36. Understands the policy pertaining to 'Guest Conduct'.
37. Understands the Care team procedures.
38. Understands Fidelio reports and how to access them ie Crew manifest, passengers ashore,
empty rooms, underage, solo travelers etc. (based on the Fidelo Proficiency checklist.)
39. Understands how to use the Point of Sale System and how to charge items.
40. Understands how to use the Allin Interactive system for TV messaging.
41. Understands how to use the 'Vision / Ving' system.
42. Understands how to view 'Siverware' system.
43. Understands how to use the Colonial system ( AS400 ) and making Manual authorizations.
44. Understands the 'Eleven Wireless' program and how to use it.
45. Understands the 'Advanced Shipboard Revenue' system and how to use it.
46. GRO needs to know how to 'merge' documents in order to expedite duties with guest

Why join Azamara?

Our global guests come to us for the destinations we visit and the cultural connections we make, but they return to Azamara for the unforgettable hospitality that our crew provides. Our staff-to-guest ratio is 1.7 staff to 2 guests, and this allows us to offer personal, hands-on and friendly service from the first point of contact to the end of the voyage. Our crew comes from every corner of the world, and are the men and women at the heart and soul of our brand.

Join a boutique luxury line that guarantees a one-of-a-kind hospitality experience. Our Guest Relations team not only delivers excellent service but build everlasting relationships with our guest. 


V. Group is the leading global maritime agency with a pool of 44,000 active seafarers and approximately 3,000 shore colleagues. We represent in excess of 300 global client businesses who have engaged our management services for around 1,000 vessels.

At V. Group, our ambition is straightforward - to drive the transformation of our industry and to be the leading global provider of marine crew supply/management services.

Our values comprise of ‘five C’s’: we Care, we Collaborate, we Challenge, we are Consistent, and we Commit and Deliver, these values are central to our business and remain embedded in to our service output.

We aim to be an industry leader, challenging the parameters of best practice and shaping the future of Marine Operations.

As a strictly compliant global leader in marine services, V. Group will not request any fees or compensation for our services from seafarers. Please be aware of any illegal recruitment services and crewing representatives attempting to act on our behalf.