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Job Details

2nd Officer for Saga Cruises
  • Job ID: 11046
  • Rank: 2nd Officer
  • Employment Type: Temp - to - Perm
  • Joining Date: Nov 27, 2023
  • Type of Vessel: Passenger Ship
  • Engine Details: .
  • DWT / GRT: 57600

Position Description:

Why work for Saga Cruises?

 -       Attractive contractual working arrangements:

  • 3-stripe officers and above offered 2 months on / 2 months off
  • 2-stripe officers and below can choose from contract lengths of 2 months on / 2 months off or 3 months on / 6 weeks off)

 -       Permanent contract options available – Saga Cruises are investors of the best talent. Based upon your performance during your first contract with them, a permanent contract (paid all year round) for all officer roles can be awarded

 -       Free healthcare awarded after 12-month’s service for those on permanent contracts

 -       All flights, transfers and accommodation between the seafarer’s home airport and vessel is paid for by the company along with revalidation of any STCWs and CoCs as required

 -       Pension option and bonus opportunities available for 4-stripe officers and above

 -       Unlimited family travel available, subject to terms and conditions

 -       Free WiFi allowance each month for the duration of your contract

V.Ships Leisure is looking for 2nd Officer ( watchkeeper ) to join Saga Cruises

Salary in paid in GBP/per month worked

TWO fixed term contracts - Embarkation 27/November/2023 till 05/January 2024 and 19/March 2024 till 09/May/2024 - there is no further opening as per the rotations ! 


  • Required – Chief Mate Unlimited


  • Chief Officer


  • None
  • You have supervisory responsibility for the JOOW and QMs on your watch


Where reference is made to ‘V.Ships Deck Department Responsibility,’ (Responsibility) this document should be read with VLMS Fleet Ops 3.1. If there are any discrepancies between the VLMS and this document, the VLMS is the superseding document.

In normal operating conditions the composition of the watches will be 2 certified deck officers and 2 quartermasters. You will be the senior of the two watchkeepers (SOOW). You will normally hold the charge at sea unless relieved by another SOOW or a more senior officer. You shall assign yourself, or be assigned, and assign to others, any roles you and they are qualified to hold under VS22 (BRM Directive), which you should be familiar with and follow in letter and spirit.

Assist the Chief Officer with Responsibility #21 ‘Navigation Planning and Execution’ by

  • Laying down of course lines for future itineraries and thus preparing the cruise planner showing planned ETAs, ETDs, pilot times and all distances and required speeds
  • Informing them promptly of any unduly high speeds or impractical arrival times
  • Ensuring that the navigational charts (ENCs) and publications required for future itineraries are available and sufficient
  • Preparing or causing to be prepared any other information as may be required by them, yourself or the Master, in order to conduct a full appraisal of upcoming voyages

Assist the Chief Officer with Responsibility #21 ‘Navigation Planning and Execution’ by taking ownership for the vessel’s navigation equipment by

  • Carrying out any inspections or maintenance relating to this equipment, in the PMS, and assigned to the Deck Department
  • Carrying out any other inspections or maintenance you deem required to maintain this equipment, in good order and ready for immediate use
  • Drawing his attention to any deficiencies or defects that you cannot reasonably resolve on your own recognisance
  • Informing them in good time when inspections or maintenance requiring external contractors are required, so they may be booked; and making all arrangements required to have the equipment ready for the inspection or maintenance

Assist the Chief Officer with Responsibility #22 ‘Charts and Publications’ by taking ownership for the vessel’s chart (ENC) folio and publication library by

  • Ensuring that the navigational ENCs carried on board are the latest available
  • Correcting the ENCs up to the latest appropriate notices to mariners and making such records of those corrections as are required
  • Ensuring that cancelled ENCs are promptly removed from the system
  • Ensuring that the publications required for the itinerary, by the flag or port state, or by the company, are carried on board and are the latest available
  • Correcting the above publications to the latest available notices to mariners
  • Maintaining an inventory of such publications
  • Causing that requisitions be raised for any replacement or additional publications

Additional Duties:

  • Ensure that planned and unplanned maintenance assigned to their discipline is conducted and reported.
  • Attend passenger social events as directed by the Head of Department.
  • Partake in inspections, trainings and meetings as directed by the Head of Department.
  • Ensure direct reports are line managed effectively in accordance with Saga and V.Ships appraisal policies
  • Ensure accessibility to direct reports and support individual’s needs, sourcing advice and reporting matters of a personal nature confidentially to the Head of Department where necessary.
  • Other shipboard tasks pertaining to departmental operations as directed by Head of Department.
  • Attending trainings and office visits arranged by V.Ships where possible



Deck Department Responsibility 26 – Communications
• Assisted by Electronics Officer

The Officer(s) in charge of communications and communication equipment has a direct reporting responsibility to the Master, particularly in respect of statutory requirements for confidentiality of communications.

He is responsible for:
• GMDSS communication in case of emergency
• GMDSS and radio traffic operations.
• General maintenance of the GMDSS equipment.
• Inventory control of the GMDSS stores and spare.
• The control of services to the GMDSS equipment.
• Accounting requirements for radio communications.
• Obtaining information re weather conditions before the departure of the ship and at least every 12 hours when the ship is at sea.
• Ensuring that emergency radio batteries (and any other rechargeable batteries for communications equipment including aldis lamps etc) are in good condition and fully charged.
• Ensuring any emergency associated radio/GMDSS equipment is regularly tested (ie SARTs, EPIRBs etc)
• Monitoring the Antennas of the GMDSS equipment are in good condition
• Ensuring that GMDSS record keeping routines are in compliance with Statutory Regulations and Master's instructions.


Deck Department Responsibility 15 – Environmental Operations
• Assisted by Hotel Controller or Sanitation for issues regarding garbage management and disposals
• Assisted by Chief Engineer for Air Emissions and related matters, bunker transfers and fuel quality,
• oily water discharges, sludge offloading and all the garbage relating equipments.

Responsibility for the verification and oversight of shipboard environmental management and compliance (both at the planning stage of the voyage and its execution) with all applicable environmental regulations.

This includes but is not limited to:
1. Hazardous materials and hazardous waste management
2. Garbage management and disposals
3. Waste water discharges
4. Air emissions
5. Bunker transfers and fuel quality
6. Oily water discharges and sludge off-loadings

when there is no dedicated non-watchkeeping Environmental Officer onboard, items 4, 5 and 6 are to be assigned to the Chief Engineer assisted by/ delegated to engine officers as appropriate

Responsibility for the environmental training of the crew and promotion of environmental awareness amongst passengers.


Deck Department Responsibility 16 - Pest Control
• Assisted by Hotel Controller or Sanitation Officer

Responsibility for:

• Co-ordination and organisation of the ship’s pest-control procedures.
• Monitoring the effectiveness of pest control and instigating corrective action where necessary.


Assisting in the following responsibilities: 


Assist Staff Captain with Deck Department Responsibility 1 - Stability

Responsibility for the timely calculation of the ship’s stability ensuring that the vessel at all times maintains draught, trim and adequate stability in compliance with the Ship’s Stability Book (including the “Instructions to Master” and any limitations that may impose) and the practise of good seamanship. (see also Fleet Operations Manual 139 “Stability”).

The Officer responsible is to:

• Liaise closely with the Chief Engineer, who will provide the information in order that the condition of all tanks and spaces can be monitored, in order that the loading, discharge and ballasting of tanks and other spaces can be planned in advance
• Conduct daily stability calculations.
• Train all Deck Officers in the calculation and control of the ship’s stability and familiarise them with the ship’s stability requirements.
• Familiarise Engineer Officers with the ship’s stability requirements
• Practice damage stability calculations and damage control procedures for conceivable damage scenarios with the Deck Officers and any other staff involved.
• Report to the Master any deviation from the requirements of the Stability booklet.
• Ensure that the regulations covering watertight integrity, subdivision and damage control are complied with.


Assist Staff Captain with Deck Department Responsibility 13 - Public Health Monitoring
• Assisted by F&B Manager (day to day matters)

Responsibility for:

• Monitoring compliance with the requirements and health standards set or required by International Authorities, Port Health Authorities and other relevant bodies are met.
• Conducting Public Health sanitary inspections to facilitate the above


Assist Staff Captain with Deck Department Responsibility 14 - Water Treatment Monitoring
• Assisted by Ship Services Engineer

Responsibility for monitoring and recording the treatment of potable, service and swimming pool
water and, where this treatment is not of an acceptable standard, the initiating corrective action.


Assist Staff Captain with Deck Department Responsibility 20 - Cadet Training

Responsibility for co-ordinating Cadet training on board and ensuring that any training programmes or requirements are adhered to.


Assist Staff Captain with Deck Department Responsibility 25 - Tender Operations

Assisting in tendering operations as required by the Staff Captain.


Any task assigned by the Staff Captain.




Maintain Safety Equipment on behalf of the Safety Officer as follows;
• Lifejackets
• Lifebuoys
• Immersion Suits
• Lifeboats
• Liferafts

Additional Bridge related duties as follows;
• Updating the Shipsure Position List.
• Updating of passenger’s track chart and daily port/sea weather for passengers
• Noon Position in Log Book
• Completion of SAF 131
• Stationary/F&B orders for the bridge.
• WTDs Testing at Sea
• Bridge Pyrotechnics

The 2nd Officer Environmental shall provide oversight of the environmental processes onboard. In addition to the above their duties will include the following;

• Liaise with the Chief Officer regarding environmental limits for voyage planning purposes and provide a two-person-check of the Voyage Plan prior to the Navigational briefing.

• Prepare schedules to be used in conjunction with the Voyage Plan notifying relevant parties of the vessels position in reference to various environmental areas

• Weekly inspection of the following Logs to ensure environmental operations are logged correctly and if not that discrepancies are reported;
o Deck Log Book
o Garbage Record 
o Engine Log
o Oil Record Book
o Shared Electronic Environmental Log

• Responsible for the storage and offloading of Hazardous waste

• Updated Ships Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP)

• Attend the Monthly Safety and Environmental Meeting

• Partake in the weekly PH inspections

• Assist Chief Officer with Bridge related tasks as follows;
o Stock control of Flags
o Up-keep of Navigational Shapes


V. Group is the leading global maritime agency with a pool of 44,000 active seafarers and approximately 3,000 shore colleagues. We represent in excess of 300 global client businesses who have engaged our management services for around 1,000 vessels.

At V. Group, our ambition is straightforward - to drive the transformation of our industry and to be the leading global provider of marine crew supply/management services.

Our values comprise of ‘five C’s’: we Care, we Collaborate, we Challenge, we are Consistent, and we Commit and Deliver, these values are central to our business and remain embedded in to our service output.

We aim to be an industry leader, challenging the parameters of best practice and shaping the future of Marine Operations.

As a strictly compliant global leader in marine services, V. Group will not request any fees or compensation for our services from seafarers. Please be aware of any illegal recruitment services and crewing representatives attempting to act on our behalf.