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    CHP Maintenence Manager   ME8902GL   Across Suffolk   3-Sep-2018  
    Hazardous Area (DSEAR) Engineer   ME8938GL   Across Anglian Water Region   3-Sep-2018  
    TOTEX Engineer   IOS8642JN   Whitlingham   28-Aug-2018  
    Catering Assistant - Rutland Water Park   CAS7995JP   Oakham   15-Sep-2018  
    Water Network Field Technician   WAT8971JP   Across Northamptonshire   29-Aug-2018  
    Water Network Field Technician   WAT8970JP   Across Suffolk   29-Aug-2018  
    Water Network Field Technician   WAT8969JP   Across Norfolk   29-Aug-2018  
    Water Network Field Technician   WAT8968JP   Across Buckinghamshire   29-Aug-2018  
    Water Network Field Technician   WAT8967JP   Across Lincolnshire   29-Aug-2018  
    Field Technician   WRS8957GL   Across Norfolk   30-Aug-2018  
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