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Job Details
Senior Software Engineer
Job ID #: 2045
Job Category: IT
Employment Type: Full-Time Permanent Experience Required: Experienced
Secondment Duration: Education Required: Masters Degree
Shift: Expected Start Date: Apr 1, 2014
No. of Positions: 3 Closing Date: Mar 21, 2014

1. Understand the business scenario, operational scenario and the business case for the project.
2. Understand the technical environment, platforms and other dependencies of the project.
3. Identify the key stakeholders for the solution and establish and maintain excellent working relationship with them throughout the project.
4. Use efficient methods, tools and techniques to elicit and capture requirements, document them
5. Convert the requirements into effective IT solutions within the context of the business, operational and environment following any organizational standards.  
6. Monitor the requirements throughout the course of the project so as to make sure that they are properly transitioned thru the design, coding and testing cycles.
7. Involve in the development and testing of the system so that timelines, cost and quality are not compromised.
8. Mentor the development teams so that efficient and optimized implementation of the technical solution proposed is achieved.
9. Monitor the requirement changes and use proper impact analysis mechanisms to assess the best alternative solution.
10. Properly assess the technical issues, risks and concerns and escalate them to project leader
11. Properly update the progress of the project, identify the issues, risks on time and report to project manager.

Experience of 2 to 5 years.
Academic qualifications Required  B.Tech / MCA

• Base SAS
• SAS Macro / SQL
• SAS Graph
• SAS BI Cube Studio
• Mainframe
• XML / MS Office
• Oracle / SQL
• Insurance Knowledge

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