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Job Details

Staff Chief Engineer / SAGA cruises - SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE
  • Job ID: 2581
  • Rank: Staff Chief Engineer
  • Employment Type: Fixed Term - Temp
  • Joining Date: Apr 15, 2021
  • Type of Vessel: Passenger Ship
  • Engine Details: MAN B&W 9L32/40
  • DWT / GRT: 57600

Position Description:

We are looking for experienced Staff Chief Engineer ready to work in Saga Cruises - cruise vessel SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE

Embarkation 15/April/2021 till 15/July/2021

Salary in GBP/per month worked

Contract 3 months +/-1

“Interview and contract dates are subject to change depending on the operational requirements of the client following COVID-19 return to service plans.”

Licence / Qualification requirements;

Required – Chief Engineer Unlimited

Line Manager;

Chief Engineer

Direct Reports;


  • Daywork Engineer
  • Senior 2nd Engineer
  • 2nd Engineer
  • 3rd Engineer
  • 4th Engineer
  • Incinerator Operator
  • Chief Mechanic
  • Engine Ratings

Responsibilities as per V.Ships S&QMS;

He is in all respects, the Chief Engineer’s deputy, 2nd in charge of the technical department and one of the Ship’s Senior Officer.

As such, he is to familiarise himself with the duties of the Chief Engineer and at all times to monitor closely the technical operation of the ship and any other relevant matters.

In the event that the Chief Engineer is incapacitated, the Staff Engineer will temporarily assume charge of the Technical department until such time as the Chief Engineer can either resume control or he is relieved.

He is responsible to the Chief Engineer for the efficiency and maintenance of all machinery within the main and auxiliary engine room spaces.

He is responsible to the Chief Engineer for the cleanliness of the machinery spaces and their cosmetic appearance.

He is responsible to the Chief Engineer for the discipline and control of all Engine Room Staff assigned to the maintenance and operation of the Engine Room.

Technical Department Responsibility 1 - Deputy Safety Officer

The Deputy Safety Officer assists the Safety Officer with regard to the ship’s safety and

particularly for engine room and other technical space safety standards.

Deck Department Responsibility 5 - Safety Maintenance (with Safety Officer)

Responsibility for:

The implementation of the Planned Maintenance System and the effective repair and maintenance of all fire fighting equipment and lifesaving appliances and other safety equipment.

Any task assigned by the Chief Engineer.

To assist the following with their responsibilities as per V.Ships S&QMS;


Additional Duties

Marioff high fog system in machinery spaces

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